Thinking of getting a mentor? 6 individuals will get one for FREE

As the New Year approaches, it's a good time to not only reflect on the year that has passed, but also to set your goals and make some plans for the year ahead.

If you're career minded, then it's a good idea to set yourself some clear objectives on where you want to be in 12 months time. That might include who you work for, the role that you perform and the skills that you'd like to develop along the way.

Each step that you take is a building block that will get you ever closer to your ultimate destination. You might be on track to be a manager, a leader or a subject matter expert, all excellent roles that will form part of a successful career. You may even go so far as to start your own business.

As a CTO with over 30 years' experience, I have performed most of the roles that exist within a Technology team and even a few broader business roles. During that time, I have had the pleasure to mentor, coach, manage and lead hundreds of people.

As we head towards 2021, I am looking for a new cohort of talented individuals who would appreciate having a mentor and coach. Specifically, I will be offering up to 6 people the opportunity to work with me for free.

If that sounds like something that you'd like to be benefit from, then please register your interest by downloading my career guide before the end of December 2020. I will be in touch with everyone in early January and will select the lucky individuals once I have a better understanding of everyone's career goals.


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